besides obvious things like “breaking community standards” and having the same profile pictures, how do you navigate/enjoy the hellsite and dunk on nerds without getting ur ass zucked?


i tried to put this in the terminally online page but i FAILED. 😭


also would it be possible to get an emoji widget in here alongside the text formatting tools?


augh i wish, this is a REALLY new site framework, like it is version 0.10.3 so features are rolling out quickly but not quickly enough :( i will poke around some more to make sure

as for your question god i wish i knew, i am getting so confused when i try to log in to facebook these days.

Literally just don’t say anything that’s not quantifiable lol. The rest of it they stretch so hard. I’m usually pretty specific in the things I say online these days so I don’t get as many bans but they sure are quick to catch me if I call myself a slur so lol

under no pretext

    the main community for

    hell yeah

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