so this is a flight i have always thought of as the obvious gold standard of “capitalism causes plane crashes”

tl;dr, united airlines was fully aware that the aluminum bolt thay held the cargo door closed on the 747 was prone to failure, and needed to be replaced. they put it off, because it would have taken one of their most profitable planes out of circulation for a measly ten hours, and as a result, the bolts failed, causing a massive decompression incident that sucked 3 rows of passengers out. the plane was, incredibly, able to land safely, but a subsequent attempt at a coverup by boeing, with help from the NTSB, exposed how huge this problem was, and how the government covers it up.

more info and resources to come!


here is my collection of stuff!

writing some notes as I can. feel free to chime in, though I realize I am a lunatic posting solo on my own lemmy instance.

the article by the dude’s girlfriend is a super good read, she is an excellent writer.

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