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Mycroft is an open source privacy-focused voice assistant. It can be installed on Linux, Raspberry Pi, our reference devices, or your own custom hardware.

I’ve been on a bit of a de-googling drive lately looking into alternatives for Google stuff (even if I haven’t gotten rid of everything yet), and I was just reminded of Mycroft today. I’m kinda tempted to compile it for my phone, anyone tried it?


I haven’t tried that but I have been attempting to port LineageOS for MicroG to my phone and I gotta say! cross compilation for android isn’t fun! at least not on the command line. might be easier with the full android studio.


oh god yeah no I feel your suffering


I’ve now resorted to just doing drive by attempts on VPS servers since it’s faster than trying on my dual core i5 laptop. like, I’ll spin up a 16 core 32 gb VPS that costs like 300 dollars a month to rent, have it download everything, fail to compile, and figure out what I did wrong, bc like, that 2 hours of server rental is worth the 24 hours of my laptop sounding like a jet taking off.

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