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post here please lol make shit …

I’ve now resorted to just doing drive by attempts on VPS servers since it’s faster than trying on my dual core i5 laptop. like, I’ll spin up a 16 core 32 gb VPS that costs like 300 dollars a month to rent, have it download everything, fail to compile, and figure out what I did wrong, bc like, that 2 hours of server rental is worth the 24 hours of my laptop sounding like a jet taking off.

listening to "October: The Story of the Russian Revolution"

its really fkn good! miéville is, of course, a rly good writer, and it helps with history to have a good writer but just. dang. it helps to know just how insanely right wing so much of Russia was before the rev, lol. even the left! gives some hope. …

I haven’t tried that but I have been attempting to port LineageOS for MicroG to my phone and I gotta say! cross compilation for android isn’t fun! at least not on the command line. might be easier with the full android studio.

I just added a bunch of Marxist audiobooks, those are kinda boring – I can do requests lol.

anyone wanna do a book club? i really want to read some öcalan but need help

this here is a lemmy community for this facebook group

I’m fkn tired of Facebook so I am making this here hoping people will. idk. lol. …

here is my collection of stuff!

writing some notes as I can. feel free to chime in, though I realize I am a lunatic posting solo on my own lemmy instance.

the article by the dude’s girlfriend is a super good read, she is an excellent writer.

augh i wish, this is a REALLY new site framework, like it is version 0.10.3 so features are rolling out quickly but not quickly enough :( i will poke around some more to make sure

as for your question god i wish i knew, i am getting so confused when i try to log in to facebook these days.

ew no i found out about that sex stuff and NO THANK YOU

yeah LMAO the irony, i guess, is that the very features i want to escape on fb and twitter are the things that make shit like this never work out, huh?

like i don’t WANT to feel that dopamine or WANT to want to, i just wanna chill with my buds! and maybe carve out a space where we can have conversations that don’t instantly turn awful bc that’s what the platform demands.

what does it take to get a community like this started?

what kinda stuff should we sorta. do? to like. get people posting? and creating their own communities and whatnot? i’m more or less desperate for my friends to join me off the hell sites and im tryna solve this dilemma lol …

my friend has a nutty ZFS setup on his NAS and im just. jealous lol. im like thinking of how i could turn an intel atom thin client i have into a server meanwhile he’s got all that fun stuff 😭

yeh i need to get some kind of local NAS set up bc my nextcloud is hosted on my seedbox, which is huge (8 tb! a gigabit NIC!) but it’s also RAID 0 and well, last week that resulted in everything going poof lmao. i have most of it mirrored between phones and my laptop but. yeah. shit is so much more fun. and then you can bring friends along too lol like i can make accounts for people on my nextcloud! or my seedbox in general tbh!

whoops! just fixed that thamks!! 🐴

hey, here’s some books! lol this is just random crap i had on my hdd so nothing like. curated lol. hmu for recs??? …

this site is so fuckin robust about that, at least. also the slur filter. i dont even know what it exactly filters but it makes a lot of stupid removed mad

yes, and i can also block entire servers so like. the chapo trap house server, for instance, could be blocked haha.

ok i turned off whitelisting so we are just wide fkn OPEN here lol i am gonna find more on what i am actually doint tho lol

ah! the site uses basic markdown which is pretty easy, especially the basics.

*italics* does italics

**bold** does bold

***bold italics*** does you guessed it!

`backtick thing` does code blocks


there is a fairly decent but basic lineageOS build for my phone but so far it doesn’t have signature spoofing, which is necessary for microG. i have thought about setting up a build myself but i have never. done that lol. maybe it’s worth a shot, tbh the ppl on xda don’t seem to know what they’re doing.

i am also running nextcloud, using it for everything now lol, calendar, contacts, bookmarks, photos, fuckin. everything lol. de-googled THAT.

and obviously i am running, which not everyone knows also hosts lol

yeah, it seems like ansible + docker-compose is the real killer combo, you just make a playbook that’s like beep boop install python install ansible install docker wget yaml file WE GOOD boop beep

i love it but it wont embed lol

im about to try to really get my hands dirty by trying to write a playbook to install pleroma unattended lol

wait shit #hello hello


inaugurating this music forum with the most hilarious shit to come out of:

  • the simpsons…

post ye musket

if ye even can lol idk if photos work in comments on the app! …

post ye musket

feel free to make communities! some guidelines i guess?

idk think like reddit communities i suppose, hobbies, interests, weird meme communities, that sort of shit. …

i literally did not leave my bed at all 😎🤙…

it is definitely a beta app but it is loads better than using a mobile site lol. i am not sure if it has notifications but i guess we will find out together whenever we get more people on board this thing! there is an iOS version out on Test Flight, and there is also [remmel for iPad](https://apps.a

join us! we are a chill community of communists and anarchists just trying to do right in the world. …