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oh god yeah no I feel your suffering

Privacy focused voice assistant?

I’ve been on a bit of a de-googling drive lately looking into alternatives for Google stuff (even if I haven’t gotten rid of everything yet), and I was just reminded of Mycroft today. I’m kinda tempted to compile it for my phone, anyone tried it?..

LMAO yeah, I feel you. I’m really tempted to turn one of my old laptops into a server as well.

Yeah! So far I just have three 500GB disks I had laying around on my server (it’s an old i7 3770k on a mini-ITX mobo) set up in btrfs raid56 giving me roughly 1TB of storage which works great for my purposes so far (and it’s set up with an UPS to make sure no raid56 glitches ruin anything lol), but I have a 5TB external drive hooked up to my desktop as well and would kinda like to replace the 500GB disks with ones of similar size to that in the future! Then I might set up something like plex too tbh

Ah yeah, I looked around and signature spoofing doesn’t seem to be an issue with my OnePlus 3T which is nice. Seems like it’s old enough that it’s available with most builds.

Honestly getting into sort of sysadmin-y stuff is such a fun hobby, it feels a bit like digital gardening, haha. Like, with Mail-In-A-Box, it’s got automated local encrypted backups by default and you can just copy those to somewhere else by hand, or you can set up something on S3 to make it backup there, but I wanted to automate backups to my home server, so I looked up the rsync backup option for MIAB and how all of that is configured. Then since I wanted local backups but didn’t want to give the user saving the backups unnecessary permissions on my server just in case, but my backups folder is in a subfolder on my BTRFS RAID HDD setup that it has write permissions for but not for the parent folders, I ended up bind mounting that backup folder to another point where those intermediate folders weren’t an issue.

De-Googling yourself

Anyone else trying to, at least in some ways, stop relying so much on Google and other bigger cloud services? …

Niiiice. It really seems like something I’d have huge use for honestly, especially considering how much use I’m getting out of like, docker-compose lol

I really gotta sit down and learn ansible, it seems so damn useful


Nice, love to see it back again, def gonna try to be more active this time around …